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Local 369 or 12004 employees:
To apply for the position(s) listed below, please apply online OR call the Union Job Posting Line at (781) 441-8088 OR complete a Bid Form and mail it to SUM SE150 (ATTN:  THOMAS PETIT) OR complete a Bid Form and fax it to 781-441-8886 (ATTN: THOMAS PETIT), no later than date indicated.  You will receive a written acknowledgment of your application within (3) business days after you call the Union Job Posting Line.  If you do not receive an acknowledgment, or if you have any questions, please call (781) 441-8776.

Job Posting Job Requisition ID Job Posting Start Date with Posting Date Prefix Primary Location Job Family Job Posting Details
Field Engineer Gr. 3/Gr. 4, Dorchester, MA R-000400 Posting Date: 06/15/2015 MA-Dorchester Local 369 OT&P

Field Engineer Gr. 3 - Gr. 4 Dorchester, MA (PDF: 183KB)

Meter Repair Technician, Southborough, MA R-000401 Posting Date: 06/15/2015 MA-Southborough Local 12004

Meter Repair Technician, Southborough, MA (PDF: 152KB)

Meter Technician - Southborough, MA R-000338 Posting Date: 06/15/2015 MA-Southborough Local 12004

Meter Technician, Southborough, MA (PDF: 152KB)

Decision Driving

Decision Driving (TM) is a five-point, driver action-oriented program geared towards reducing vehicle accidents. The course contains six modules, covering the following driver safety topics:

  • Expand Your Look Ahead
  • Size Up the Whole Scene
  • Signal Your Intentions Early
  • Plan an Escape Route, and
  • Take Decisive Action.

The goal of this e-learning course is to enhance driving skills and requires approximately one hour to complete.

View the Decision Driving course

View the First Move From Park course

Decision Driving WellAware Step3 Form (PDF: 38KB)

Healthy Wealthy and Wise is a monthly education and awareness program for active employees and retirees. Healthy Wealthy and Wise provides monthly tools and resources to help you understand your benefits and achieve personal and family goals for physical and financial health.

Attend a financial education seminar

To help employees achieve their financial goals, Eversource has partnered with MetLife to take retirement planning beyond the basics and into building a comprehensive financial strategy for the future. Together, MetLife and Eversource created a comprehensive financial education program called Your Future Your Choice to specifically target the needs of Eversource employees. Currently, this program is available to all nonunion and union employees.

View seminars and register for a seminar
The Your Future Your Choice program offers seminars for all ages and financial planning expertise. To see the currently scheduled seminars and to register, go to the MetLife registration site at https://www.metliferetirewise.com/index.asp and enter “Eversource” in the company search field then click “Search.” Select the seminar(s) for registration and click “Continue” to complete the registration process.

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